Adawehi Wellness Village

The Adawehi Wellness Village is nestled on 125 acres of woodlands where a balance of natural and manicured gardens shows off the diversity of nature. A haven for common and rare plant species, it is a native plant preserve that includes walking trails lined with ferns, azaleas, hazelnuts, birches, and a variety of wildflowers and herbs.

Adawehi was founded in 1998 by Jackie Woods and a small number of dedicated people who all share the desire to make a difference. Over the years, Adawehi has grown to include 10 community houses, hundreds of personal growth students (onsite and via the Internet), a healing center, conference center, three shops, health food store, greenhouses, gardens, exercise facility and bed & breakfast.

Experience Health at Adawehi!

  • Take one of the many Wellness Classes available
  • Treat yourself to a session with one or more of the ten holistic health practitioners
  • Meet others at a variety of Community Events on campus
  • Take a carefree walk along the trail in the Stewardship Forest
  • Exercise at the Workout Facility
  • Tour the Biodynamic Garden
  • Shop at the gift shops and bookstore
  • Enjoy a snack or prepared meal from Beneficial Foods, our organic grocery store
  • Listen to the water rushing along White Oak Creek
  • Watch the birds, dragonflies, and fireflies in season
  • Count the stars in the dark, clear sky
  • And don’t forget to savor the fresh, country air!

The Adawehi Wellness Village is also the home of around 50 people. It is a community of individuals who are raising their consciousness by releasing patterns that keep them from acting, thinking, and/or feeling the vibrancy of health. While each individual will have their particular focus, support of health is always the theme in all ten community houses. New homes are under construction to give more people an opportunity to join.

If you are ready to immerse yourself in Intentional Community living, there are a limited number of rooms and apartments available. Call our housing director, Terri at 828-894-5260 or contact us to learn more.

Visit the Fellowship for Intentional Community website to learn more about the Adawehi Community

Visit to learn more about Adawehi Founder and Spiritual Teacher, Jackie Woods

Adawehi Wellness Village Entrance
An abundance of beauty at the Adawehi entrance!
Happy Gardeners at Adawehi!
4th of July family fun at Adawehi!
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