Holistic Health Services

Adawehi is dedicated to supporting health on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
We have several powerful holistic healers that call Adawehi home. They are all dedicated to helping support you on your journey towards ultimate health.

Jackie Woods 2024

Spiritual Growth Resources

by Jackie Woods, Spiritual Teacher & Adawehi Founder

Russ Woods, LMBT

Deep Tissue Massage

with Russell Woods, LMBT
(NC License #732)

Autumn Singleton, LMT

Acupressure with Color & Sound

with Autumn Singleton, LMBT
(NC License #9228)

Bob Lilly, DC

Chiropractic Care

with Bob Lilly, DC

Jen Woods


with Jen Woods, I-ACT


Relaxing Massage

with Louise Hillenbrand, LMBT
(NC License #1608)

Carrie Beeson, CNC


with Carrie Beeson, CNC

anna luciene

Astrology Readings

with Anna Luciene

Linda Powell

Music Imagery

with Linda Powell, MA

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