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Beneficial Foods Organic Grocery

Visit Beneficial Foods Organic Grocery for a unique, relaxing shopping experience where health abounds! You will find specially selected organic grocery items, naturally gentle personal care items, earth-friendly cleaning products and a wide variety of nutritional supplements.

Healthy Choices

Shop for the following healthy, earth-friendly groceries close to home!

  • Fresh baked, gluten-free and spelt breads and muffins
  • Low-gluten and gluten-free pastas, snacks and breads
  • Bulk organic flours, grains and nuts
  • Dairy and Dairy alternatives
  • Fresh and frozen organic produce
  • Organic baking ingredients
  • Organic herbs and spices
  • Meats and Meat Alternatives
  • Sugar-free and caffeine-free sodas and juices
  • Natural and organic dairy products
  • Nutritional supplements and vitamins
  • Earth-friendly cleaning products
  • Natural health and beauty products

The kitchen at Beneficial Foods is also your source for delicious Prepared Foods To-Go


98 Adawehi Lane, Columbus, NC 28722   |   (828) 894-0737   |   M-F 10am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm


Beneficial Foods Organic Grocery at Adawehi
A wide selection of healthy choices!
Adawehi Greenhouses
Produce from our Greenhouses arrives daily!

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  • I love their fresh soups and greenhouse veggies! Truly the healthiest grocery store I’ve ever been to, worth a visit just for the garden and on site trails!

    Stephanie Brooks Avatar Stephanie Brooks

    Great products.

    Miguel Araujo Avatar Miguel Araujo

    What a lovely shop! Definitely worth going out of your way for. There is a healing center as well but we didn’t have time to check it out. The veggies... read more

    Stacia Soysal Avatar Stacia Soysal
  • Small store, but a great selection of foods, some local, some grown in the Adawehi organic gardens, also a wide variety of packaged, frozen and refrigerated foods. I recommend... read more

    Patricia Roshaven Avatar Patricia Roshaven

    Great little organic food store with grown-on-site veggies. Lovely people here.

    Chris Watenpool Avatar Chris Watenpool

    My favorite place to go to stock up on healthy delicious foods! Great greens and vegetables - the soups are homemade, heathy and wonderful! All the food they... read more

    Kim D. Wynn Avatar Kim D. Wynn
  • Stopped by here a while ago because we were looking for a nice local shop with plenty of organic and ethically sourced supplies. I’m definitely coming back here! Such a... read more

    Erin H. Avatar Erin H.

    For such a small little store they have all of the healthy essentials, as well as real home grown produce.

    Rhonda Wilson-Williams Avatar Rhonda Wilson-Williams

    Some how they just have everything in this wonderfully manage store. The prepared foods shouldn't be missed. Hot soup, salads ect...

    Patrick Konstanzer Avatar Patrick Konstanzer
  • Especially enjoy fresh greens and other veggies grown in their greenhouse.

    Joanne Cox Avatar Joanne Cox

    Fresh produce from their own greenhouse is why I go here!

    Kimberley McCutcheon Avatar Kimberley McCutcheon

    The woman working there was so sweet. Great shop with a good selection and yummy soup.

    Lauren Card Avatar Lauren Card
  • Plenty of diverse options, despite a relatively small space. Not just well-known brands, but lots of homemade, local choices, too! All good!

    Edna Sprung Avatar Edna Sprung

    A local and healthy foods gem 💎 in Columbus! Great selection of specialty grocery items that include gluten-free, organic, and all-natural products. High quality produce, especially the greens grown... read more

    Monica Pace Greene Avatar Monica Pace Greene

    Not only are the foods fresh and local, but I always learn something new from the informative staff! And I love how they research the companies who supply... read more

    mike Maziarka Avatar mike Maziarka
  • Beneficial Foods is awesome! Our first visit was yesterday. I just found out about the store at the Saturday Market in Columbus a few weeks ago. They have a wonderful... read more

    Angie&Gary Short Avatar Angie&Gary Short

    I've been utilizing Adawehi's services for over 3 years. I work with other Naturopathic Doctors as well as Medical Doctors, one of whom gave me the original referral to Adawehi.... read more

    Karen Roeder Avatar Karen Roeder

    Beautiful store, good vibe and produce, worker was very nice and polite.

    Jesus Calix Avatar Jesus Calix
  • The most beautiful plentiful store in the middle of a secluded forest, with a complete wellness center. I cant even believe its out here, its so perfect! The store operators... read more

    Dakota Carter Avatar Dakota Carter

    The most beautiful plentiful store in the middle of a secluded forest, with a complete wellness center. I cant even believe its out here, its so perfect! The store operators... read more

    Dakota Mac Dylan Carter MacBain Avatar Dakota Mac Dylan Carter MacBain

    It's a lively place to shop. Good energy, produce, and premade foods. They do a good job there... L

    Laurie Baker Avatar Laurie Baker

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