Wellness Classes & Workshops

We welcome you to our wellness classes here at Adawehi!
The instructors are highly trained and the courses are open to all levels of student.

Yoga at Adawehi

Iyengar Yoga

Allow your body to gently stretch, tone, and release with respect for where you are. Peacefully build strength and flexibility.

Adawehi Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

Gently improve posture, release tension, and increase core strength. Jennifer will guide you through a series of poses using an ordinary straight back chair.

Awareness Classes

Blocked expression can lead to illness. Through these amazing classes you can learn how to express more of the real you.

Walking Trails at Adawehi

Tai Chi

Experience your own “moving meditation” and greatly enhance your energy flow and relaxation.

Adawehi Drumming Class


Experiencing different rhythms through drumming helps you to expand your physical awareness of life’s natural pace.

Trinity Class with Russ Woods

Trinity Workout

Learn self-defense on an almost sub-conscious level while you get fit. Every move is broken down into three easy steps without punches or risky high kicks.

Jackie Woods Workshop

Spiritual Growth Workshops

Join renowned Spiritual Teacher, Jackie Woods, for an upcoming 1/2 day workshop filled with advanced spiritual teachings and lively audience participation

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