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Deep Level
Emotional Release Massage Therapy
with Russell Woods, LMBT

As your consciousness expands, you need a massage therapist that understands how to move with you and support you at every step in your journey.

Russell Woods is the premier therapist in the southeast using and teaching the Deep Level Emotional Release technique that he pioneered in 1997.

By releasing deeply held muscular tensions and the trapped emotions they represent, Russell is able to show you how to let go of unwanted energy patterns from your body.

What is Deep Level Emotional Release Massage?

Since beginning his practice in 1991, Russell has developed his own unique and innovative approach to bodywork that he calls the Deep Level Emotional Release technique. Using this natural healing approach, he is able to access the deeply held, stuck emotions that generate muscular tension and blocked energy flow. It is his belief (and one of the central tenets of the Adawehi teachings) that all tension and bodily "dis-ease" is the result of an energetic UnTruth held in place in the person's energy field by a stuck emotion. Through this natural healing treatment, Russell can show you how to release unwanted and UnTrue energy patterns that keep your life from changing for the better.

How Does it Work?

Although not a Rolf-er or Structural Integrationist, Russell works deeply. His natural healing sessions are not about pampering, but rather about getting to the underlying causes of blocked energy flow and returning the body and aura to its normal dynamic and powerful state. Don't expect to lie silently on the treatment table. During the Session, Russell is constantly pointing out the blocked emotions and vital energies he is sensing in your body and asking you, through spoken affirmations and focused breathing, to help him move them out of your energy field. This powerful approach is about progress, not coping, and can be life changing. On many occasions Russell has said "I want to move people to a different place, not simply make them more comfortable in the place they already are."

Russell's technique...

About Russell Woods

Russell graduated from Emory University and was trained in Deep Tissue Massage Therapy at the Atlanta School of Massage Therapy in Atlanta, GA. After passing the National Certification Exam, he moved to Columbus, NC where he lives on the Adawehi Campus in a geodesic dome house with his wife and two daughters. Along with his mother, he co-authored the book Spiritual Energy Cycles. He currently practices as a Licensed Massage Therapist under North Carolina License #732 and enjoys moderating the Online Awareness Classes offered at the jackiewoods.org website. He has a wonderful sense of Humor and a deeply intuitive gift for getting to the root of a problem. His caring personality and open Acceptance inspires great Trust in everyone who works with him.


During the 3 month Trimesters at the Adawehi campus, Russell is committed to a full schedule of standing appointments, but has some flexibility to work new people in on certain days. The "off months" between Trimesters (Jan., May, Sept.) are scheduled on a "first come-first serve" basis. You are encouraged to call or come sign up for a session on the schedule posted outside the door to Russell's office in the Healing Center. Russell has worked with people from 5 years old to 90 years old and encourages people to seek his help whether they are rehabilitating an injury or simply trying to improve or maintain their normally high level of Health. There is a policy of 48 hrs. notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

Contact Russell at (828) 894-0124 ext. 2

Russell Woods is an independent practitioner not in the employ of the Adawehi Healing Center.