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rodney booth, rd, ldn

Functional Medicine Nutrition

with Rodney Booth RD, LDN

Functional medicine nutrition treats the condition that is expressing itself as a disease rather than treating just the disease itself. This advanced style of treatment is centered on treating the upstream cause of the problem, rather than just downstream treatment using pharmacology. It’s about giving the body the building blocks and fuel it needs to allow it to heal itself naturally. Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that you have an organ system that is exhausted and is struggling with its task. Once you find the organ system that is exhausted and causing symptoms, the nutritional treatment does the healing.

Areas of specialty include:

Digestive DisordersImmune ProblemsStiff Sore Joints
HeartburnLow Back PainDepression
High Blood PressureConstipation/DiarrheaWeight Management

How it Works

The nutritional approach to solving health problem is best accomplished using a Clinical Trial approach. This process involves giving the body a nudge in the right direction using food and supplements, allowing it to reorganize, and nudging it again. Steady solid progress is achieved this way. No two bodies are alike so no two treatments are alike. You are treated as a unique entity with unique needs. Depending on the severity of the condition expressed, a patient might expect an appointment once a month for a systems review with ongoing contact between appointments by phone and email to monitor progress and make small adjustments. Quality, service and care are the corner stones of my practice.

About Rodney Booth RD, LDN

E. Rodney Booth RD, LDN graduated Magna Cum Laude from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. He is a registered dietetics professional member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Rodney Booth is an independent practitioner not in the employ of the Adawehi Healing Center.

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