Empowering Your Heart for Extraordinary Living

Intentional Community

The 125-acre Adawehi campus is also home to around 60 people. Adawehi is a community of individuals who are raising their consciousness around health and healing in four areas—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The residents support each other in getting past any emotional attachments that block expression of their heart gifts fully in the physical. After everyone gets clear about the heart gift they can bring, ways of bringing those gifts are defined together. This four-part process is experienced in all ten community houses. New homes are under construction, giving more people an opportunity to join in community.

The population of the community is a multi-racial mix of old and young, singles, couples, and families. While everyone is expected to contribute in maintaining the Adawehi buildings, grounds, and activities, jobs must be secured away from the land. Healthy eating and healthy living are expected, and personal growth is the accepted norm.

For more information about the Adawehi community, please feel free to contact us.